‘How To’ Guide for Buying A Puppy

Irrespective of their breed, puppies are cute and always playful. This never means that when a puppy grows up, it will become an adorable dog. It can turn into an ugly companion with several health disorders. It is therefore really important to ensure that the puppy you buy grows into a healthy and adorable dog that you will love to own and proud to take him out for a walk in the society. So, it is really important that you select the right puppy and there are methods that can be used to ensure that you get a healthy puppy that will grow into a handsome dog. Let us take a look at some of the methods that can be used while selecting a puppy:

  • The breeder needs to ask questions: A responsible breeder who loves his or her dogs and puppies will ask you various questions about your home, people living in your house, whether they love dogs or not, how exactly are you planning to take care of the puppy, what will you feed the puppy, who will take care of the puppy when you are not at home for days or weeks etc. The breeder will ask all these questions because he or she wants to ensure that the puppy finds a good home where everyone will love it. A breeder who asks these questions is a responsible breeder.
  • A good breeder will meet you at the breeding facility: Understand this well. A breeder who is honest and takes good care of his or her puppies will ask you to visit him or her at the breeding facility. If a breeder insists on meeting you somewhere else and insists on brining the puppy to that designated spot, there is something seriously wrong. The breeder does not want you to see the breeding facility either because it unhealthy and dirty or maybe it’s a puppy making mill where there are many puppies that are barely attended.
  • Determining Lineage: Remember that determining lineage is really important. However, it can be really difficult for you to determine the real sire of the litter if there are several male dogs that have access to one single female dog. In general, one and only one male dog must know the cycles of a female dog. The breeder must ensure that one female can be accessed by only one male. You must go to the breeding facility and take a look at this. If the breeder is reluctant to take you for a tour inside the breeding facility, you can simply end the deal and walk away. There are other breeders in market.
  • Dogs and puppies must love their breeders: Dogs and puppies must love their breeders. However, if a breeder mistreats them, there are high chances that the puppies and dogs will not like the breeder. Notice how the dogs and the puppies behave in the presence of breeder. It may also happen that the breeder has bred bad temperament into his or her dogs. You must always avoid these breeders.
  • Microchip collars: Good breeders will always ensure that their puppies have collars with microchips implanted in the collars. This allows proper identification of the puppies. If the puppies have microchips implanted on their collars, they will also have proper registration papers. You can ask the breeder to show the papers. However, in case the puppies do not have collars with microchips, it is very likely that the breeder will swap puppies. This means that the breeder will generally have only one or at the max two pairs of parents that are healthy and strong and the breeder will always show these parents as authentic parents of puppies they want to sell. Puppy swapping is a common practice and hence, you must always look for microchip implanted collars and registration papers of the puppies.
  • Unable to recognize the name: This happens pretty often. There are breeders who use their dogs to produce many puppies just because the breeders want to make more money. In situations like these, the puppies are not very accustomed to names because the breeders barely call them with names. It may also happen that the puppy is unable to recognize the name because it’s not the correct name! There is another alternative possibility that cannot be overlooked. It may happen that the puppy is too dumb to recognize the name given to it. This generally happens because of the bloodline. Maybe the parents were dumb and the puppy inherited the same genes.

Now that you know about various signs that can help you to determine whether a breeder is responsible and good or not, you will have to ask a few questions. Answers to these questions will determine whether you must buy a puppy from a breeder you are aiming at or whether you need to look somewhere else!

  • • Ask about temperament and personality traits of the puppies. This is essential because you do not want your pup to grow into a dog with bad temper.
  • • Ask for references of previous customers and randomly call a few of them to learn about their experience with the breeder.
  • • Ask if the breeder is affiliated with some breeders’ association or not and whether he or she follows the standards sets by the association.
  • • Ask if the pups are vaccinated or not.
  • • Ask if the pups have received proper kennel training or not.
  • • Ask the breeder to show the registration documents.
  • • Find out about the general health problems related to the breed of the pup.
  • • Insist on visiting the kennel. A good breeder will immediately agree and take you to the kennel. Those breeders who will decline your request are actually trying to hide the bad condition of their kennels or want to hide how he treats the dogs and puppies.
  • • Insist on visiting the parents of the pup.
  • • Try to learn about the number of litters bred each year. If the figure is big, the chances are high that you will end up buying an unhealthy pup.
  • • Want to know how old dogs that are no longer used for breeding are treated by the breeder. This is essential because it will show how the breeder treats the puppies.

Puppies are great but someday they will grow up into adult dogs and they will have to stay in human society. It is because of this, you need to be very sure that the pup will eventually live up to your expectations.