We thank you for deciding to come to the puppies for sale in Pa page here at SRIFL.com. While most of our puppies posted here are in Pennsylvania you can also find puppies posted in New Jersey , New York , Maryland and DC. So when you first view this page you will see alot of cute puppy pictures with breeds like the small Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale, Labrador Retriever puppies for sale , English Bulldog puppies for sale , the very popular German shepherd puppies for sale and the very large English Mastiff puppies for sale and everything in between. If you already know the breed that you are looking for you can search for that breed only from the search bar on this page or go to our homepage and click on that breeds picture and you will be taken quickly to a page that has all the puppies or kittens for sale of that particular breed.
As you browse through the pictures of the puppies for sale in Pa. take note to remember to call and ask questions from several breeders, do not just decide on 1 picture and only call that puppy. When you call breeders there are several questions you should think about asking the breeder of litter you are inquiring about. Some of those questions are- How old is the puppy? has the puppy been seen by a vet? what vaccinations have been given? Has the puppy been wormed and if so with what and the date the vaccination was given , do you offer any written guarantee with the puppy or kitten? If you do offer a guarantee what does it cover and the terms of the guarantee , also do the parents have any health testing done or certifications , how many years experience do you have breeding dogs? What type of food are the puppies currently eating? What age do you let the puppies leave for their new homes and why? make sure you write down what each breeder says and make notes as to their answers. You will find as you talk to different breeders each will do things different and you can determine what or who you feel more comfortable with and why.
So once you decide on a breeder to go visit there is some things to keep in mind when you go to visit them. Sometimes breeders sell puppies in the same litter at different prices and or sell some of them as "pets" only without papers. Make sure you know the practices and if any of the puppies are sold before visiting a breeder. Also just because some of the puppies are sold does not mean that something is wrong with the puppies that are left. Quite often that is definitely not the case. So when you show up take note as to the living conditions of the puppies or kittens and all the puppies should be very friendly if they were socialized properly. If you observe 1 or 2 puppies are larger then the rest does not always mean that those puppies will be the largest dogs down the road. You also should observe the parents and the parents temperaments since this could be a indication on the temperament that is passed on genetically.
If you decide on purchasing a puppy in the litter make sure the entire family is ready for the new addition and have puppy proofed the area where the puppy will be kept. You also should have a crate of the correct size, a collar and leash for the new puppy, food for the new puppy and plenty of toys for the puppy to chew on.

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amzn_ASIN: B0009YWJRE
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amzn_AverageRating: 4.5
amzn_DetailPageURL: http://www.amazon.com/3093-Extreme-Weather-Kitty-Fleece/dp/B0009YWJRE%3FSubscriptionId%3DAKIAJBZ2NWOWUZKPTUOQ%26tag%3Dfamilypetclas-20%26linkCode%3Dxm2%26camp%3D2025%26creative%3D165953%26creativeASIN%3DB0009YWJRE
amzn_Features_serialize: s:312:"a:5:{i:0;s:68:"Thermostatically controlled to warm to your cat?s normal temperature";i:1;s:26:"Made of rugged ABS plastic";i:2;s:76:"Ideal for sheds, garages, barns, or anywhere else your outdoor cats hang out";i:3;s:53:"Includes 5.5-foot steel wrapped cord and fleece cover";i:4;s:23:"1-year limited warranty";}";
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amzn_Manufacturer: K&H Manufacturing
amzn_MediumImageURL: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31AK471q%2BSL._SL160_.jpg
amzn_ProductDescription: The Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad is an essential source of warmth for any cat that spends time out doors. Its internal thermostat keeps the surface nice and warm even in the coldest of temperatures. Place in a shed, garage, barn or anywhere your outdoor kitties spend time. It's made of rugged ABS plastic and an optional fleece cover can be used for even more feline pleasing comfort. Free fleece cover included. Recommended for indoor and outdoor use. UL listed.
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amzn_Title: K&H 3093 Extreme Weather Kitty Pad with Fleece Cover
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