‘How To’ Guide for Buying a Kitten

As with any baby, a kitten is cute and playful. This is exactly what drives the decision to buy a kitten for many people. This is where they go wrong. They do not see the near future when these kittens grow up into adult cats. They may no long stay cute and playful and this is when they start hating their cat. This should not be the case because buying a kitten means a long term commitment. Cats can live up to nearly two decades and hence require long term financial and emotional commitment. They are not just soft toys that you throw away when you are just fed up of playing with. Their lives depend on the owner. They need food, shelter and medicines and they cannot earn these things on their own. So, if you are looking for a kitten, be sure to commit.

There are various types of costs associated with kittens and cats. The obvious costs are food and medicines. However, you will also have to consider costs like pet care fees when you are not around for a while to take care of your kitten. What happens when you go out for some official job to a different state? What happens when you go for a family vacation? Who will take care of your kitten? This is when you need to call someone from your friend circle or someone from your family or you may just have to ask for help from a boarding facility. This is not going to be free. There are more indirect costs. Kittens may have specific personality traits and it is because of this, you may have to adjust things in your house. You may also have to buy specific items that will help the kitten during its playful times. Despite the costs associated, you need to know that the kitten will become a very special member of your house and it will be your duty to ensure that the special member stays special. So, it becomes important for you to know how to buy a kitten. This is what we will learn here.

Avoid Pet Shops: Pet shops will in general not sell vaccinated kittens. There are very high chances that they may even mix the litters. When this happens, the window for exchange of health problems, diseases and germs opens up. There are some pet shops that will offer very low to no price for certain Domestic Short Hair kittens. Why do they do so? Because, they have not vaccinated the kittens and neither have their micro chipped those kittens. You don’t want this, do you? The best thing to do is to find a reputed breeder. It will be a little expensive but there will be no risks at all.

Guarantee for Health: Pet shops will not provide any guarantee for health but breeder will. Guarantee for health is a provision where the breeder will give you 2-3 days’ time so that you can take the kitten to a vet and get it checked for health problems. If you are not satisfied, i.e. if the vet finds out some health issues, you can return the kitten and look for another one from the same breeder or just drop that breeder and find another breeder.

Kittens Aren’t Very Friendly: Not all kittens will be very friendly. Some kittens will hiss on you or simply back up when you approach them. This happens mostly because the kittens spent most of their time outside. If the same thing keeps happening for multiple attempts you make to get close to the kittens, drop the idea of buying those kittens. Look for other friendly kittens either with the same breeder or other breeders.

Physical Visit to the Breeding Area: This is absolutely necessary. You need to know how the breeder treats the kittens and the cats. If the breeder is not willing to show you the place where the kittens are bred or kept, you must start looking for another breeder. A breeder will not want to show you the place only if the place is dirty and the kittens are not taken care of properly. The breeder will also not want to show you the place if he or she keeps the kittens outside the house. If the kittens are kept outside the house, it is very likely that the kittens will not know the common household sounds like T.V., vacuum cleaner, door bells etc. and these sounds will scare the hell out of them.

Number of Litters: If a breeder owns may litters and many breeding cats, it never guarantees that the breeder loves them. It will generally mean that the breeder wants to make fast money. If there are many litters, it is very likely that the breeder does not take proper care of the litters. Try to avoid these breeders.

Physical Problems: Check the kitten for signs of Cat Flu. If a kitten is suffering from Cat Flu, it will have yellow discharges from eyes, ulcer like sores on tongue and it will sneeze or wheeze. Also look for ear mites. If the kitten has ear mites, you will notice wax like black patches in the ear. These factors must prevent you from buying the kitten. However, if you want the kitten, ask the breeder to treat these problems and come back after 3-4 days and buy the kitten but with health guarantee. You must also look for diarrhea signs. Take a closer look at the litter tray and if you find poop on it, look closer and find out whether it is solid and fresh or not. If not, you must also ask the breeder to treat the kitten for diarrhea. If however, you notice mild wounds near the neck of the kitten, there should not be anything to worry about because these are natural marks caused when the mother carried the kitten in its mouth. These wound marks will generally disappear within a few days.

Never think that the first breeder you meet is the breeder you need to select for buying a kitten. The breeder will try to convince you in many ways but unless you are really satisfied about the health of the kitten, don’t buy it.

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