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We would want to thank you for visiting SRIFL.com. Where you can search for your next family member and shop for money saving pet supplies. Here at srifl.com we only advertise puppies for sale in PA MD NJ NY and DC while most of our puppies are right in the central Pennsylvania area. The members that advertise this website are full of experience and knowledge so while you are searching for that perfect puppy or kitten we encourage you to call and ask alot of questions to make sure you purchase the right puppy or kitten as well as the appropriate breed. SRIFL.com only does the advertising we do not breed dogs or buy and sell dogs, you need to contact the breeders directly. On our pet supplies for sale page you can search for all the pet supplies you could ask for. You can also find reviews on everything from dog collars to pet foods and even training products. We also have a few links to websites that will offer you more money saving products and several times you will find free shipping.
When you first come to our site you can see the most recent litters posted here on this homepage but make sure you scroll down and see all the breed pages of puppies for sale in Pa. that we currently have posted on our website to choose from. Once you find the breed page you are looking for you can click on that page and there will be a picture of every pet posted in that breed. You will quickly see that the price of each individual puppy is posted. While you are searching all the puppies for sale if you decide you would like to know more information about a particular puppy you can click on that puppies picture and you will see the information posted by the litters breeder as well as all the puppies in that particular litter. We also provide information about that litter like if they got any vaccinations, health testing or even information about if the puppies or kittens were wormed. Some of the litters are raised by professional breeders and others are family raised in houses. As you call families to gather more information about their puppies make sure you do your homework, you should not just buy a pet because you fell in love with a cute picture. Also always ask alot of questions so you can compare what each litter may offer compared to another litter. Remember buying a puppy or kitten it is a lifelong commitment.
We hope you enjoy you visit here at SRIFL.com and suggest if you do not find that perfect puppy or kitten on your first visit that you come back and check daily since new pets are posted daily and you can also follow our Twitter , Facebook , Google Plus or even Pintrest pages to get quick and easy updates whenever something new is posted.

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